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It’s Workshop Season!

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We hope you have had a super sunny summer with plenty of relaxation.
Often its a good time for reflection about your interests and things you might want to spend more time on..which brings us to WORKSHOPS!

Leaf Lanterns - Printing leaf textures on fabric

Letterpress & Linocutting

Mog from eightfivepress has been running workshops in Letterpress and Linocutting, including some competitively priced 'one to ones'.

You can purchase a workshop voucher on our website and then arrange a time to suit you..So no more excuses! It also makes an original gift.

Book Workshops Here

Here are some images from recent workshops to whet your creative appetite..

Linocut Workshop - Participants busy carving their images on to the lino. 


Letterpress Workshop eightfivepress
Letterpress Workshop - Gold letterpress ink printed on the Adana 8x5 printing press

Leaf Lanterns

New to MAKERS this autumn are leaf lanterns. This is a textile workshop primarily, printing with leaves and natural materials on fabric, then making a mini lantern for those autumnal evenings or late summer parties. All materials included. Saturday 1st October.

Book Workshops Here

Leaf Printed Lanterns

Lampshade Making Workshops

We still have a couple of places left (at time of press) on the next two lampshade making workshops. Wednesday 14th September and Saturday 17th September. Now is a good time to turn your attention to lighting and there's nothing nicer than the satisfaction of making it yourself! You get to make a 20, 25 or 30cm diameter shade from the fabric you bring ( so you can match it to your decor ). A lampshade is a great way to change your look and create a statement piece for a room.

We hope to see you at MAKERS workshops soon!

p.s. If workshops aren’t your thing then do remember MAKERS shop & gallery is full of wonderful hand made contemporary crafts. 

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