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Stephanie Geyl - Contemporary Minimalism

News of new workshops (scroll below) and an enquiring feature about one of our makers - Stephanie Geyl 

The contemporary, hand crafted pottery of Stephanie Geyl sits quietly on the shelf at MAKERS, in an understated way that speaks volumes. As one customer pointed out, her ceramics have a tactile quality that makes you feel solid and calmed all at once. Stephanie herself describes it as “clean, simple forms”.

As makers ourselves, we asked her how she achieves this timeless quality in her designs, and is it something she set out to create or has it evolved? 

In Stephanie’s own words..
"I want to achieve two things when creating a new piece: make it useful and beautiful. My pottery is meant to be used, on a daily basis, from oven, to table, to dishwasher, to shelf. I have been fortunate enough to have been surrounded by beautiful and useful ceramics thanks to my parents’ love of collecting unusual pieces and so vowed that should I ever make any of my own that they would be every-day, not ‘put away’.” 

Rough and smooth bowl by Stephanie Geyl

Silver Birch collection

Stephanie’s new Silver Birch collection is produced by the technique Sgraffito, and emphasises the delicate colour palette and layering of glazes.

Stephanie’s inspirations are grounded in the earth yet also skywards and elemental, as her Silver Birch collection illustrates beautifully.

“I love silverbirch, the colour and texture and the sound of the leaves in the wind. I have designed a collection that hints at tall, stately trunks standing together, strong against the elements.” 

 Silver birch small storage jar by Stephanie Geyl

Like many makers, she juggles her work with the demands of family life. There is a magic in the way that seemingly from nothing, amidst the everyday pressures of life’s minutiae, our makers transcend from this to create and craft their practise.

“I work in a shared studio with other potters, fitting in throwing, glazing and firing between school drop-off and pick-up times for my two young children. The studio is my escape and if I am kept from it for a few days I crave the smell of wet clay and slip.”  

Nesting rough and smooth bowls by Stephanie Geyl

 We also appreciate Stephanie’s presence as one of our maker helpers at the shop & gallery. Do pop in to MAKERS to see her collections and you never know you may find her behind the till!

Forthcoming workshops... 

Lampshade Making with Sallydove

We have our regular lampshade making and a brand new SUPER-LARGE lampshade making workshop for those in need of a statement piece at a snip of the designer-prices! (shade suitable for a standard lamp base)

Linocut Workshop with Mog Fry 

Mog of eightfivepress is now offering linocutting workshops, in addition to the letterpress sessions, so do check out this wonderful opportunity to learn a fantastic printing skill that can be easily carried on at home with a few simple tools.

For more details and to book workshops visit MAKERS online. 


Crocosmia Lampshade by Sallydove 

Tea House Linocut Print by Mog Fry



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