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Latest news on two Bristol-inspired artists from MAKERS

As a shop & gallery, we see MAKERS as an ever-changing hub that carries, supports and reflects the workings of our guest artists and makers.

Everything we stock started out as a spark of inspiration, a thought, a musing and a later be brought into being by the artist/maker. Thus the journey into creativity begins. As makers ourselves, we know what an unpredictable and incredible journey this can be!

Screen prints by Simon Tozer

We spoke to Simon Tozer about his new work and printmaking inspirations;

"On reflection, a sense of uncertainty is probably the overriding theme in my prints, whether it’s a picture of a ship, a cow or someone going swimming. The sea is an unstable element, and a journey across water is to some degree an act of faith - in the vessel that carries us."

Excelsior Simon Tozer

'Excelsior' limited edition screen print by Simon Tozer 


Simon completed an MA in Print at Chelsea College of Art, and spent some years working as a scenic painter and muralist before moving to Bristol 14 years ago. He is influenced by British printmaking and graphic art from the early 20th Century. Simon's recent prints of the Old City and our famous Bristolian cranes (shown below), reflect his unique view of Bristol and his inimitable style, through which he has perfected his printmaking skills.

Rain on Crane Simon Tozer

'Rain on Crane’ limited edition screen print by Simon Tozer


Cyanotypes by Luke Salaman

Another local artist whose work reflects a watery theme is Luke Salaman. His new Cyanotypes of the river Severn and the Severn bridges are inspired by oval cyanotype photographs of the Mississippi river, made in the 1890'

The Severn bridges, rain coming across from Wales - Luke Salaman

'The Severn bridges, rain coming across from Wales' original cyanotype print by Luke Salaman


Luke’s images are printed onto Fabriano paper, by the hands-on photographic process of cyanotype which has been around since the 1800's and remains largely unchanged. It's a wonderful watery process and a kind of alchemy, watching the print transform gradually in the solution. As a creative process, it too holds the uncertainty and delight of a journey.

Looking across the Severn towards Sedbury - Luke Salaman
'Looking across the Severn towards Sedbury' original cyanotype print by Luke Salaman

Lampshade Making Workshops

Whatever your creative journey, we look forward to seeing you at MAKERS sometime soon, and here is a little reminder about this Saturday's Lampshade Making Workshop 2-5pm Saturday 16th April-only £48- there are still a few places left!! Book online here:

Lampshade Making Workshop

Best wishes,

Sally, Sarah & Jo

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