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Dear friends and followers of MAKERS, ever wondered why we don't inundate you with mailouts? Well, its the simple fact that as makers ourselves, we are so busy MAKING, that we rarely make time!But here's our BIG NEWS we simply have to break off and tell you about!   Water Willow - Original screen-print by Anna Harley THIS WEEK LIGHTS UP! This week we have a Christmassy treat for you at MAKERS (and indeed the whole of the Christmas Steps Arts Quarter area). Friday 25th November at 5.30pm it's the BIG Christmas Steps Lights Up! which is a charming event taking...

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It’s Workshop Season!

eightfivepress lampshade making leaf printed lanterns letterpress linocut sallydove workshops

We hope you have had a super sunny summer with plenty of relaxation.Often its a good time for reflection about your interests and things you might want to spend more time on..which brings us to WORKSHOPS! |Leaf Lanterns - Printing leaf textures on fabric Letterpress & Linocutting Mog from eightfivepress has been running workshops in Letterpress and Linocutting, including some competitively priced 'one to ones'.You can purchase a workshop voucher on our website and then arrange a time to suit you..So no more excuses! It also makes an original gift. Book Workshops Here Here are some images from recent workshops to...

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Stephanie Geyl - Contemporary Minimalism

News of new workshops (scroll below) and an enquiring feature about one of our makers - Stephanie Geyl  The contemporary, hand crafted pottery of Stephanie Geyl sits quietly on the shelf at MAKERS, in an understated way that speaks volumes. As one customer pointed out, her ceramics have a tactile quality that makes you feel solid and calmed all at once. Stephanie herself describes it as “clean, simple forms”.As makers ourselves, we asked her how she achieves this timeless quality in her designs, and is it something she set out to create or has it evolved? In Stephanie’s own words.. "I...

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Latest news on two Bristol-inspired artists from MAKERS

As a shop & gallery, we see MAKERS as an ever-changing hub that carries, supports and reflects the workings of our guest artists and makers. Everything we stock started out as a spark of inspiration, a thought, a musing and a later be brought into being by the artist/maker. Thus the journey into creativity begins. As makers ourselves, we know what an unpredictable and incredible journey this can be! Screen prints by Simon Tozer We spoke to Simon Tozer about his new work and printmaking inspirations; "On reflection, a sense of uncertainty is probably the overriding theme in my...

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Birds, bees & bunnies!

We are feeling the brightness of spring here at MAKERS shop & gallery, celebrating flora & fauna through the work of our makers and artists. The natural world has throughout history inspired artists to express themselves, with nature being both the vehicle and inspiration. Both Jane Davies (mosaic bird) and Ava&Bea (paper & wood swallow) reference history and stories of other journeys in their choice of materials, broken china and vintage wallpaper respectively. We are passionate about supporting our artists and makers on their creative journeys, and aspire to bring you the very best in hand crafted and designer-made pieces....

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